Biosafety of Plasma Proteins


Third in a Series

The biosafety of plasma products is extremely important to APC and to the swine industry. As a company, we make continuous investments in the latest technologies – sometimes they are even exclusive to us – to ensure we are providing the swine industry with a safe product 100% of the time. In fact, we closely follow and mirror the same standards put forth by the World Health Organization for the safety of human blood plasma products.

APC meets or exceeds the WHO standards for each critical step. Specifically, APC:

  1. Collects only from healthy animals at federally inspected abattoirs, including the step of pooling plasma for the effect of neutralizing antibodies
  2. Conducts testing on every lot of plasma with PCR analysis with an accompanying Certificate of Analysis
  3. Ensures product is free of viruses, bacteria and protozoa by processing plasma through:
  4. UVc light / photopurification treatment* (the same as used for juices, etc.)
  5. Spray-drying to 80°C throughout the product
  6. Holding product in post-drying heat treatment at 20°C for at least 14 days

Each individual step (pooling, photopurification, spray-drying, temperature-controlled storage) reduces any pathogens that may be present by 99.99%. When these four processes are performed one after the other as we do, they virtually eliminate all potentially harmful microorganisms, ensuring the safety and efficacy of APC’s spray-dried products.

For more in depth information about our biosafety process and to get a copy of our APC Plasma Biosafety Fact Book, contact APC at 800-513-8755 and ask to speak with our technical services team.

*Denison, IA Porcine and Sublette, KS Bovine facilities

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