BinSentry’s Feed Ordering Automation Platform


BinSentry’s market-leading platform helps feed mills and their customers to drive increased profits by automating the feed inventory tracking and ordering process, accurately and reliably handling the most time-consuming and error-prone tasks within the feed supply chain.

BinSentry’s solution combines the most accurate sensor and a user-friendly and fully integrated software technology to deliver the data you need to be more proactive and responsive to your customers’ needs, and as a result, improve efficiency and profitability.


Among others, BinSentry’s software enables you to:

  • Know exactly when bins will empty
  • Order the right amount of feed at the right time
  • Optimize order scheduling
  • Reduce ordering errors
  • Eliminate feed outages
  • Track feed inventory and consumption
  • Plan delivery routes efficiently, reducing trips to the farm
  • Allocate and plan resources better

Seeing is Believing with BinSentry’s 3D sensor:

  • No bin modification
  • Long-range & Low power connectivity
  • Solar-powered & Self-cleaning
  • No power required
  • No Internet hub required

Listen to our Podcast below: BinSentry CEO Randall Schwartzentruber discusses everything Ag Tech; from feed supply chain automation to BinSentry’s new 3D Sensor and the future of feed production

By delivering the most accurate, real-time data capture and management, BinSentry is making feed mills and their customers seamlessly more efficient than ever before.

Learn how BinSentry can help your organization to drive increased efficiency and profits:

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