Podcast: BinSentry CEO Randall Schwartzentruber discusses everything Ag Tech; from feed supply chain automation to BinSentry’s new 3D Sensor and the future of feed production


Co-founders Randall Schwartzentruber on the left and Nathan Hoel on the right

Randall Schwartzentruber is the co-founder and CEO of BinSentry who is an astute and innovative AgTech leader.

As a Forbes under 30 award winner and aspiring technology in the Feed Industry, we touch on the BinSentry feed automation platform, new 3D sensor technology, where the feed supply industry will be in 20 plus years, the founding and back story of BinSentry, along with what inspired Randall.

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About the Guest:

Randall Schwartzentruber is the co-founder and CEO of BinSentry, an agricultural technology company based in Ontario, Canada. Randall grew up in New Hamburg, where he spent a lot of time on his grandfather’s farm before starting his career in automation systems. His passion for technology and heart for agriculture brought him to launch BinSentry in 2017 and, in 2019, win the THRIVE-Forbes Innovation Icon Award. Today, BinSentry has thousands of sensors monitoring feed bins across North America and beyond. Randall’s mission is to continue to automate the feed supply chain developing new technologies that support partners in agriculture while striving towards a more sustainable future.