Aurora Pharmaceutical receives FDA approval for SwineMate® (altrenogest) Vented Draw-Off Cap


Aurora Pharmaceutical, Inc. – Announced today that the FDA has approved their exclusive vented draw-off dosing cap. It is now included with every purchase of SwineMate® (altrenogest) Solution 0.22%

Aurora Pharmaceutical, Inc. is a veterinary pharmaceutical product development and manufacturing company, headquartered in Northfield, MN.

“While not in the progestins market as long as the pioneer, (MATRIX®, Merck), we have always been acutely aware of the handling issue associated with such an effective and powerful drug,” emphasizes Bob Rehurek, Director of Sales and Marketing at Aurora.

“This adds an additional level of safety to our altrenogest product line with this vented dosing cap that eliminates the inconvenience of the bottle developing a vacuum during syringe filling,” states Rehurek. “By either not drawing against a vacuum or having to inject air first to prevent it, a source of possible leakage and personnel contamination is eliminated with this new, first of its kind draw-off dosing cap.”

SwineMate® is available in 1,000 mL plastic bottles with vented dosing caps. For more information on SwineMate® (altrenogest) Solution 0.22%, consult your veterinarian or contact Aurora Pharmaceutical Customer Service at 1-888-215-1256 or on-line at

®SwineMate is a Registered Trademark of Aurora Pharmaceutical, Inc

®MATRIX is a Registered Trademark of Merck Animal Health



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