Zoetis Joins The Sustainability Consortium to Lead Efforts in Sustainable Pork Together with U.S. Pork Producers and Supply Chain Leaders

Zoetis Joins The Sustainability Consortium to Lead Efforts in Sustainable Pork
Together with U.S. Pork Producers and Supply Chain Leaders

The Sustainability Consortium (TSC) announced today that Zoetis, the leading animal health company, has joined TSC to focus on increasing supply chain transparency and sustainability with U.S. pork producers.

Zoetis is committed to the health of animals and supporting the people who care for them. With the firm belief that healthier animals will help create a healthier future, Zoetis uses its expertise in animal health innovation to solve sustainability challenges facing animals and people. Zoetis will be a leading voice in the development of protein-related key performance indicators for TSC’s THESIS Index.

“We are excited to join The Sustainability Consortium and its members in support of science-based sustainability efforts,” said Shari Westerfeld, vice president of U.S. Pork at Zoetis. “We are committed to playing a key role in producing a safe and sustainable global food supply. We are excited to expand our collaboration with pork community leadership to enhance the work that has already been done in this area. We will be actively engaged in supporting efforts to refine and develop key performance indicators that enable suppliers to better communicate their story to retail customers.” 

Zoetis joins more than 100 TSC members and will focus its membership on supporting U.S. pork producers by helping to anticipate their needs, align with packers’ goals, understand retailers’ perspectives, and assist pork producers with greater supply chain transparency. Zoetis will be one of the first animal health companies to join TSC and will collaborate closely with other TSC animal protein members, including the National Pork Board and Pipestone Systems.

“Pork producers realize that we’re stronger together than we are apart,” said Brett Kaysen, vice president of sustainability for the National Pork Board. “The Sustainability Consortium is a good example of how collaboration is key to making our industry more sustainable, and I commend Zoetis for taking a leadership role by joining the consortium.”

Zoetis will work collectively with other stakeholders on TSC projects in agricultural supply chains. These efforts involve topics including sustainable animal feed, agricultural metrics, worker health and safety, wastewater, consumer outreach and education, and packaging.

Euan Murray, TSC Chief Executive, states, “We are thrilled to welcome Zoetis to our growing member-base of leaders in their industries. Like other leaders, Zoetis recognizes that change is happening quickly in sustainability. We are impressed by their commitment to support and partner with pork producers to further enhance sustainability efforts  and look forward to adding their industry knowledge to TSC’s tools and services.”

TSC translates the best sustainability science into business tools that are used all over the world to create more sustainable consumer products and is pleased that Zoetis is joining TSC in these efforts.