Van Beek Natural Science: A Legacy of Elevating Animal Health

Van Beek Natural Science is a family-owned company driven by an insatiable desire to elevate animal health and well-being. We believe that nature contains the keys to a healthy life for us and the animals we raise. Van Beek’s mission is to identify, research, develop, and commercialize products that drive substantial advancements in animal health, both on the farm and in the home!

This passion and purpose for supporting animal health by utilizing natural ingredients and proactive nutrition that Van Beek Natural Science is built upon is an ideology originally started by President and CEO, Ron Van Beek, when he began to build the foundation of Van Beek Natural Science in 1982 with the acquisition of Fandsco Enterprises Inc.

Ron started his career as a sales representative with Fandsco Enterprises Inc. and continued to advance, and in turn, eventually purchased the wholesaler of mineral and vitamin premixes for livestock and paved the way for Van Beek Natural Science.

Being raised with an agriculture background, Ron also worked as a nutritionist for livestock operations during this time where he helped advise operations on proper health and nutrition programs. As he worked with producers and their animals, he quickly found out that the health challenges the animals were facing and the solutions to counteract those challenges naturally were extremely limited. This wasn’t acceptable to Ron, and he began to research how he could create the natural alternatives needed to help these operations and to support the overall health of the animals. His research led to searching for the best quality ingredients around the world and beginning to import herbal extracts and micronized vitamins in Europe for use in natural products in 1984. Now at the forefront of natural, Ron decided to continue growing his business as Fandsco transitioned into Van Beek Scientific in 1991 and continued to work as a nutritionist under his new consulting business, North American Dairy Consultants, in 1992.

After several years of consistently creating high-quality, natural health products for livestock and continuing to grow productions around the United States with Van Beek Scientific and North American Dairy Consultants, Ron saw yet another opportunity to bring natural products to animals, founding Van Beek Global in 1999 with the sole focus of launching a line of natural companion products led by flagship product, DiaGel.

After a successful launch of natural companion animal products along with Ron’s longstanding companies in livestock nutrition and natural products, the two businesses, Van Beek Scientific and Van Beek Global, merged to unify the Van Beek brand under one name, Van Beek Natural Science with the continued vision of natural that Ron initially founded in 1982 with a sole goal of working together to help animals live up to their genetic potential.

Today, Van Beek works with producers, operations, and brands looking to elevate health standards, optimize genetic potential, and achieve consistently higher profits.