Evonik appoints Dr. Dirk Hoehler as head of the amino acids business of Animal Nutrition

  • Hoehler has wealth of experience within the Evonik Group
  • Track record in Marketing & Sales including digitalization of business processes­
  • Focus on sustainability, efficiency, and cost-leadership of amino acids business of Evonik

Evonik has appointed Dr. Dirk Hoehler as the new head of the Essential Nutrition product line, under which Evonik is consolidating its amino acids portfolio. Hoehler will take over the role from Dr. Jan-Olaf Barth, who has been promoted to become the head of the High Performance Polymers business line of Evonik.

Hoehler will be responsible for overseeing the­ continued transformation of the amino acids business by focusing on sustainability, efficiency, and cost-leadership. In particular, he will continue to implement the global methionine asset strategy developed under Jan-Olaf Barth’s direction to secure Evonik’s leading position in methionine.

Earlier this year, Evonik announced that it will streamline the operating model for its amino acids business, characterized by a lean sales organization with strong digital capabilities and processes. A key element is also the continuous investments in its methionine world-scale production hubs, which will lead to efficiency improvements and reductions in carbon footprint of six percent (Singapore) and seven percent (Mobile).

As one of Hoehler’s priorities, he will ensure the smooth implementation of the planned shutdowns of the methionine Singapore plant on Jurong Island, starting this quarter.

Hoehler says, “We fully understand that these shutdowns may pose challenges for our customers and our teams have prepared mitigation plans for MetAMINO® supply from our global production network. We are in continuous communication with regional and global customers to carefully plan shipments.”

Dirk Hoehler brings to the role a wealth of experience in several parts of the Evonik Group, having been head of Marketing & Sales of Performance Intermediates and recently head of Sales at Animal Nutrition.

Dirk Hoehler joined the group in 1998 as Manager of Animal Nutrition and served between 2000-2008 as Director Nutrition & Technical Services in Kennesaw (USA). He was subsequently head of the Coating Resins product line and head of Marketing & Sales of the Performance Intermediates business line at Evonik Performance Materials before taking up his current role.

He holds a Ph.D. and Habilitation in Nutritional Physiology, studying at the Universities of Giessen and Kiel, Germany, and the University of Manitoba in Canada.

The Essential Nutrition product line is part of Evonik’s Animal Nutrition business and includes products such as MetAMINO® (DL-methionine), Biolys® (source for lysine), and ThreAMINO® (threonine).