Celebrating Teamwork: Lesvia Enriquez and Cathy Bryan of PIPESTONE Exemplify Core Values

At PIPESTONE, we live and breathe our core values: Integrity, Caring, Commitment, Growth, and Teamwork. This year, we’re taking a closer look at each value, exploring what they mean to us and how they shape our organization. Our values are the foundation of who we are and how we work together. Join us as we recognize our team members who exemplify these values.


Lesvia: Exemplifying Teamwork

Lesvia Enriquez fosters incredible teamwork as the Farrowing Lead. Always ready to pitch in with her team, she ensures that everyone starts the day together, works together, and finishes together.

Her commitment to teamwork extends beyond her immediate team. At the end of each day, Lesvia communicates effectively with other department leads, offering help whenever needed. This dedication to collaboration highlights her role as a key team player on the farm.

Lesvia embodies the core value of teamwork. She leads by example, instilling unity and cooperation within her team, which ensures smooth and efficient operations in the farrowing barn.

Here’s to Lesvia—for setting a high standard for collaboration and support on the farm!


Cathy: Exemplifying Teamwork

Cathy Bryan’s recognition for the teamwork core value is well-deserved, showcasing her incredible contributions to PIPESTONE. She collaborates effortlessly with the veterinary, production, and managerial teams, always committed to ensuring the animals under their care are healthy and thriving.

Cathy handles routine testing processes, like lab submissions, diagnostics, and sequencing, playing a crucial role in keeping our health standards high. She’s always on top of things, providing regular updates on testing progress and tackling any issues that come up with a proactive attitude.

Her ability to work smoothly with different teams fosters a culture of collaboration, all focused on the common goal of animal health and supporting family farmers.

Cathy is a true asset to PIPESTONE, embodying the spirit of teamwork in everything she does.