Alliance Genetics Canada Nucleus Herd Profile: Bodmin Genetics


Phil Smith started working for Bodmin Genetics in 1987, a company started by brothers George, Charlie and Ross Procter in Brussels, ON. Six years ago, Phil (already a shareholder of Bodmin), and his family made the decision to purchase Bodmin Swine Genetics Inc. and keep genetic improvements moving forward alongside their original farming operation, Smith Seven Star Farms Inc.


Growing up on a beef and swine farm, Phil always had interest in the swine industry, competitively showing swine at fairs and competitions. After graduating from high school, Phil began working for Quality Swine Co-Op before meeting George Procter and joining his team at Bodmin. Phil and his wife Jane were largely aided by their seven children. Three of their children, Amanda, John and Abigail, who are now partners in Bodmin Genetics, work and manage in the daily operations.


Biosecurity, genetic improvement, and animal health are core values at the Bodmin herd. To enhance biosecurity a Bodmin exclusive Wash Bay facility was built in 2015. With the use of leading edge technology and genomic testing, Bodmin strives to develop animals that will make higher profits for the customers and have the best pigs from an economic standpoint. Nedap pig performance testers are in use to record individual feed efficiency and growth rate. Ultrasound of backfat and loin depth along with intramuscular fat testing are all innovative practices that Bodmin is continually using to produce the best animals for customers, consumers, and to promote the advancements of AGC.


Bodmin Genetics has partnered with other nucleus herds to form Alliance Genetics Canada. Being part of AGC has created an opportunity to share genetics and to allow for more research and development opportunities over a larger number of pigs. Phil sees AGC’s leading-edge technology, genetic improvement and customer service to be the key of their operation. The end result is making the best product for our customers.


“We always like to see our pigs stay healthy and productive. This is the base for a successful swine operation, so we focus on health a lot. We like to keep improving genetics for our customers. We really are customer satisfaction-based. We are constantly working towards making the best products for their success. We don’t succeed until our customers are the most profitable they can be. We market pork just like our customers. We are in this together.” – Phil Smith


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