AGC Nucleus Herd Profile: Clarion Swine Genetics


The Clarion herd began independently when Kent Martin’s father began farming purebred swine 40 years ago. Kent always had an interest in the swine industry as he grew up on the family farm. His experiences in working with purebred animals helped to inspire him to strive for genetic improvement. This desire still exists today, as AGC has given Kent the opportunity to work with high quality genetics, resulting in very productive animals with excellent structure.

Ten years ago, Kent was still a small, independent breeder, but he eventually joined the Canadabred group to improve genetics and marketing. Their merger with Alliance of Independent Breeders marked Kent’s involvement with Alliance Genetics Canada. This gave them the opportunity to compete with multinational companies, and remain competitive with genetics, marketing, production, and quality of their animals.

Kent continually strives to produce high quality animals with a focus on feed efficiency, growth, and leanness. Although Kent implements innovative tools like individual performance testing and genotyping, he stays grounded to his roots as a small, independent breeder and producer.

Building long-term relationships with customers is something that Kent is passionate about. With strong ties to his family that work with him on the farm, the community he lives in, and the church that his family is part of, Kent is immersed in strong values. He hopes this is conveyed through the way he does business independently and through AGC.


“The well-being of both our pigs and our customers is important to us. We work hard to earn and live up to our reputation of honesty and integrity every day. We provide transparency in our genetic program and continually work with our customers to ensure they achieve their goals. Our customers trust us with the future of their herds and we don’t take that responsibility lightly.”

– Kent Martin.


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