BinSentry Announces Appointment of New CEO.

The BinSentry Board of Directors is pleased to announce and welcome Ben Allen as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in one of the company’s most promising moments of technology growth.

Ben Allen will bring decades of experience in agriculture and technology and a long track record of scaling start-ups, negotiating key partnerships deals with Fortune 100 companies, and leading and retaining innovative and diverse talent teams across North America.

Allen joins BinSentry after his successful run as Head of Global Market Development at Indigo Ag, an agtech start-up he helped grow from $300M in 2017 to $3B in 2021. Prior to this multi-billion achievement, Allen played a crucial role in growing Agri-Trend’s AgriData software in preparation for a transaction that resulted in Agri-Trend being acquired by Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) in 2015.

Allen’s expertise in innovative software technologies and in achieving groundbreaking investments have shaped the future of these agtech companies and will undoubtedly play an instrumental role in BinSentry’s journey.

“I share BinSentry’s belief that leading-edge technology has the potential to propel a smarter agriculture, improving the lives of those who work hard to feed the world and, as a result, the health of those who live on this planet by enabling a more sustainable way to produce feed and livestock,” said Allen. “Bringing real visibility into the feed supply chain is one big step towards this mission, and I’m thrilled to join BinSentry in a momentum where AI and data usability will be a game-changer for agriculture.”

Allen’s career is also marked by extensive expertise in hardware tech companies. In 2010, after earning his MBA, Allen joined Silicon Valley semiconductor global corporation, AMD, where he supported multiple multibillion-dollar global deals and became part of the transformation team responsible for restructuring and re-aligning costs.

Allen takes on the new role of succeeding co-founder Randall Schwartzentruber, who will transition to a new function as Chief Product Officer (CPO) and will focus his passion on driving innovation while continuing to lead key efforts at BinSentry.

“Co-founding and leading BinSentry has been the opportunity of a lifetime spent making one of the world’s best agtech solutions with the most brilliant people I’ve had the chance to work with,” said Schwartzentruber. “After six incredible years of sailing this boat — culminating with our biggest and most ambitious product ever — it’s the right time for a change. I’ve always believed that the most essential ingredient to building a successful business is to assemble the most talented team possible. Ben’s addition enables me to continue to facilitate BinSentry’s growth by dedicating the utmost focus to building the most creative and innovative products for a community that is very dear to my heart; agriculture.”

“Since founding the company, Randall’s entrepreneurial tenacity has led BinSentry from the origination of the hardware solution to the evolution of the company as a solution that provides real-time visibility and process simplification to the animal agricultural industry. We are thrilled that he will continue to be part of this team,” added Dennis Organ, BinSentry’s Chairman, who joined the North American agtech company in December after a 25-year career in the food industry and most recently as the Chief Executive Officer of the world’s largest pork processor, Smithfield Foods, Inc.

“Ben is the right leader for BinSentry. Ben’s extensive agtech background, strong leadership skills, and start-up experience will help BinSentry during this time of exponential growth,” said Organ. “These are exciting times not only for BinSentry but for the entire agricultural industry. Ben’s expertise in bringing cutting-edge technologies to some of agriculture’s most urgent and complex challenges uniquely position him to lead BinSentry. He is a thoughtful and passionate leader, who I am certain will help BinSentry succeed on our mission to build the Mill of the Future.”