A tribute to Joe Van Schepdael from Genesus


Swineweb.com wants to make a tribute to a pioneer in the Swine Industry, Joe Van Schepdael from Genesus.

Wayne Friesen from Innotech Nutrition had these kind words to share about Joe:

“It has been a pleasure to know Joe and his family over the years. Joe is a Pioneer in the Canadian Swine Industry, I cherished my last visit with him in June 2021 (shown below) he is a great man who will be lived on through all of us.”

Joseph Emile Van Schepdael, 88 years of age, passed away on September 23, 2021, at the family farm that he and his wife, Mary Lou, and family built in East Selkirk, Manitoba.

Joe was born on June 17, 1933, in Pamel, Belgium, to parents Emile Van Schepdael and Josephine Van Schepdael (nee Roedsens). He was the oldest of six children.

Joe is a Pioneer in the Industry as he grew up going to a boarding school and helping his family in their farm supply business. After World War II, the decision was made to sell that business and move the family to Canada, so in 1953, Joe and his younger brother Steve came to Canada to find a place for the rest of the family to settle, in hope of avoiding another war in Europe. The family joined them the following year and settled on a farm in Belmont, Manitoba.

Joe was a very proud Canadian and farmer. He was a pioneer in the hog industry, being one of the first delegates on Manitoba Pork, sitting on the Farm Debt Review Board, and always advocating for the industry. Mom and Dad were partners of Genesus Inc. and Dad was very proud of the company’s growth. He loved farming, particularly combining, and took great delight in discussing all things farm related. Retirement was never an option for Dad, and he continued to work full time into his 87th year.

Thank you, for everything you have done in the Industry Joe.