A Day On A Family Pig FARM trying to get a Hog Shed Built


A Day On A Family Hog Farm- In this one the boys take you through a day on their family pig farm. They start by getting the north hog barn all ready to go for some pigs. The next morning they start unloading baby pigs and filling the barn. Finally, Sawyer takes you up to the hog barn site and gives y’all an update on how it’s going.

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This’ll Do Farm is a 6th generation family farm located in Southeast Iowa that is run by a father-son duo Tork and Sawyer. Sawyer is the force behind his family farm taking care of hog barns, along with farming the family’s acres. Sawyer promotes agriculture by recording his day-to-day life with his dad (Tork) on the farm. Both Tork and Sawyer have a burning desire to grow the farm bigger and bigger. Despite only being 20 years old, Sawyer has an old school work ethic with an innovative approach towards implementing agricultural technology and practices. Sawyer’s mission is to showcase agriculture in a positive light. And be one of the faces of agricultural education and innovation.