Wim van Berkel of WSTA Recognized for Outstanding Commitment to the Canadian Swine Improvement Program


Western Swine Testing Association (WSTA) general manager Wim van Berkel has been recognized for dedication to improving swine genetics in Canada for the past 20 years.

The award was given by the Canadian Centre for Swine Improvement Inc for outstanding achievements and contribution to the Canadian Swine Improvement Program.

 “One of Wim’s biggest strengths is building relationships with people and he put that skill to good use any number of times in his career with WSTA,” said Keith Rasmuson in the nomination letter.

“He took over the manager’s jog at WSTA when I (Keith Rasmuson) left in 2002 and soon after began to serve on the national ultrasound standards committee.

“Wim was successful in obtaining support for a number of research projects from ALDA and other funding agencies that involved CCSI, Lacombe Research Centre and others. He also did ultrasound work for research projects by Lacombe, Alberta Agriculture, Prairie Swine Centre. The work and revenue from these projects helped tremendously with WSTA’s financial security.”

In a story by the Lacombe Express, van Berkel says that his position at WSTA has been fulfilling and has allowed him to build great relationships with people in the industry as well as to spread knowledge and information.

“I also like what I do – I have fun! I’m privileged to see every single province in Canada; I’ve been to the Northwest Territories, to the Yukon, I’ve been in China teaching,” he said, adding that it’s really been a rewarding career. “We also developed a computer program for the industry that is used in China, in Chile, Europe and Jamaica.”



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  1. Wim really deserve this honor,.my best wishes for him .

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