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Hi, My name is Wanda Patsche and I live in southern rural Minnesota. I am  a wife, mom and grandmother and have 5 grandchildren. My husband and I farm corn, soybeans and raise hogs. I am passionate about agriculture and rural life living.  My ultimate goal is to give an accurate picture of today’s farms and rural Minnesota living by telling my story. With only 2% involved in farming, there is a huge disconnect between consumers and those that produce their food. I want to do my part in bridging that gap. I  love to talk about farming. Feel free to ask any type of question about farming or rural life! Email me at wpatsche@gmail.com  Our family is so proud to feed yours. You can also find me atwww.facebook.com/minnesotafarmer.  Join me and be part of the conversation!

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Last week I had the privilege of talking about farming with fairgoers at the Minnesota State Fair. And while some of the fairgoers had visions in their head of Sweet Martha’s Cookies, Tom Thumb mini donuts, or cheese curds from the food building, many were genuinely interested in talking with a farmer. They had specific questions about what we do on the farm and why. And it was a learning experience for me also. Now that the fair is over, we need to continue reaching out to consumers that have questions or concerns.

The solution?

Ask the Farmers is a social media site created by farmers where they will answer questions or concerns about the food we grow. I am so excited to be a part of this!

Why is this site important?

Today, consumers are 2-4 generations removed from farming. Many have questions about how their food is grown or raised and just don’t know who to ask. And who better to ask than farmers themselves? The way I see it — it’s better to ask a real farmer than an armchair farmer who feels they know more than those who actually farm.

What types of farming practices do we support?

All. Both livestock and crops.  Traditional and organic. 

Ask the Farmer

How do you ask questions? 

Go to either the Ask the Farmers Facebook page or the Ask the Farmers Website and send an email to: askthefarmers@hotmail.com. We will find a farmer who has expertise in the area of the question posed. Answered questions will in the form of a  blog post. Previously answered questions will be archived for future reference and can be accessed on the Ask the Farmer website.

How do you get started?

Follow and like Ask the Farmers Facebook page, subscribe (by email) to any updates on the Ask the Farmer website, and follow Ask the Farmer on twitter. And ask away!

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