USDA cites Clemens for treatment of animals


Source: MILive

The Clemens Food Group facility north of Coldwater was cited twice by the United State Department of Agriculture in 2018 for “egregious violations” to the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act.

According to a report published Monday by and online U.S.D.A. documents, the incidents in which employees failed to properly stun hogs took place in August and October 2018.

Enforcement documents show that the October incident caused USDA inspectors to leave the facility thus shutting it down for one day until the company submitted plans for corrective action. also reported that according to the Animal Welfare Institute, two noncompliance reports were filed in January and February of last year for mishandling hogs during transport.

There has been no comment from Clemens on this latest report.

Clemens recently banned a pair of unnamed hog transport companies from delivering animals to any of its facilities after what were called “severe” violations to animal welfare standards set by Clemens were discovered.

Company spokesman Keith Stahler said at the time that the transport companies were not prepared for the extremely cold weather conditions during the polar vortex which saw temperatures drop to as low as 18 degrees below zero and wind chills as low as 40 below.


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