USDA-ARS Scientist Honored for Swine Influenza Studies


Dr. Amy Vincent a scientist affiliated to the Agricultural Research Service National Animal Diseases Center in Ames, IA. is a co-recipient of the Arthur S. Flemming Award for outstanding scientific achievement in the field of animal health.  Dr. Vincent received the award at a ceremony on the campus of George Washington University.

The award recognizes contributions by Dr. Vincent to the genetic evolution of swine influenza type A viruses and interaction with the host immune system.  She has also established a global nomenclature system that will facilitate selection of vaccines to be used. She has also investigated possible mixing of genetic material from influenza viruses affecting different host species.  It is noted that swine have receptors for both avian and mammalian influenza A viruses and can play a role in the emergence of recombinant serotypes.

In 2008 Dr. Vincent assisted in establishing a national influenza surveillance system incorporating data from APHIS and CDC. The database was used in 2019 following emergence of H1N1 influenza, responsible for extensive losses in the U.S. pork industry.



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