Tips to Boost Your Bottom Line in 2015


Increase Biosecurity

80% of disease comes in either the front door or the back door. A producer controls this through use of adequate quarantines (front door) and truck sanitation/disinfection or load out management (back door).



Focus on Gilt Preparation

Start feeding gilts for production when they reach 150-180 pounds:

  • Physical Appearance– Gilt conformation and physical characteristics are the most important selection criteria when populating the pool.
  • Age at Puberty – Studies have shown that early onset of estrous will yield a sow who lasts longer in the herd.
  • Boar Exposure – Exposure to the boar is the single most important factor to cause the gilt to achieve puberty.
  • Number of Services- Gilts typically express estrus for a shorter length of time, sometimes 24-36 hours less than a sow.

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Look at the true cost of a product:

Agrificient Cost per 1000 Hours Worksheet 1.5





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