Time to hit the pork tent at the Iowa State Fair



Over the course of two shifts during the 2017 Iowa State Fair, more than 30 ISU faculty and staff members will don aprons, make change, provide beverage refills and otherwise assist the Iowa Pork Producers Association at its Pork Tent. Just as success of the swine industry is dependent on the cooperation and working together of all its components, so does the Pork Tent continue to thrive by providing outstanding food at a great price with great service thanks to many, volunteers over the 11-day run of the fair. If your state fair plans call for eating at the Pork Tent on Monday, Aug. 14 from 3-9 p.m. or Saturday, Aug. 19 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., we’ll see you there. Be prepared for lines, regardless of when you choose to eat there, because everyone knows it’s where you find the best tasting pork products on any state fair menu!


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