As Thefts Increase, Farmer Offers Bacon as a Reward for Information


Melvin Burns of Moo Nay Farms in Novia Scotia posted this photo on his Facebook account offering a 5 lb bacon reward to anyone that has information on a string of thefts in the area.



A string of thefts at Melvin Burns’ Moo Nay Farms in Novia Scotia has led Burns to offer 5 pounds of bacon as a reward to anyone that has information.


Burns posted on his facebook account asking for information and describing the latest items that were taken from his farm––around $1,000 worth of power tools:


Dewalt 8 volt driver and charger

20 volt driver

A grinder

Two 20 volt chargers

A 20 volt drill

A Mastercraft and a Pittsburg socket set



His farm was also robbed in June, when he discovered someone had stolen 40 chickens and 6 pigs. The remains of a butchered pig were found on the edge of his 60 acre property on a plastic sheet.


“I don’t really know what made me think of it, just that’s what we have to offer and that (bacon) is one of the most beloved products from our farm,” Burns stated in an interview with the Vancouver Sun.


He is also appealing to whoever is responsible for the thefts to come forward and help around his farm.


“It’s just the offer of some skills so they can actually get a job and do some work, as opposed to feeling that they need to steal to survive,” Burns said.


Moo Nay Farms is just one of several residences in the area that has been burglarized during the last few months.


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