The next evolution in hog feeders, designed by Brehmer Mfg.


Brehmer Mfg., Inc., Lyons, Nebraska – With over 30 years of experience in manufacturing hog feeders, Brehmer Mfg. is proud to announce that it has designed a new style of feeder that minimizes the amount of time spent on feeder management.


The Brehmer PT Feeder (patent pending) is the next evolution in hog feeder technology. An improved combination of two proven feeder styles, paddle and tray, the PT Feeder adds new features that improve the way feed enters the pan and increases management efficiency.


To prevent feed run-off from the tray ends, Brehmer has installed its newly-designed End Wedges to the inside of the bin, directing feed toward the center of the tray. To further eliminate waste, Feed Saver Tray End Caps (patent pending) are attached on either end of the tray to prevent it from dragging against the walls of the feeder as the hogs work the mechanism. This new feature reduces friction and allows for more tray movement. The combination of the End Wedges and the Feed Saver Tray End Caps is a money-saving innovation that benefits the grower by eliminating feed waste through excessive accumulations in the pan.


Determined to lessen the time spent on feeder management within grower operations, Brehmer designed the PT Feeder to be anti-clogging. The PT Feeder features four directions of movement and is ideal for wean-to-finish producers. Smaller pigs have the ability to release feed by agitating the paddle side to side, or the tray back and forth. As the paddle and tray work together, it creates a sweeping motion that moves the feed from the hopper into the pan and prevents the tray from clogging. Once adjusted according to the pen’s growth stage, growers will be able to tell, at a glance, that the PT Feeder is functioning correctly as the hogs interact with it.


The PT Feeder can be built to handle wet or dry feed and utilizes Edstrom Nipples in its rehydration center. Brehmer places an emphasis on craftsmanship and uses only high-quality, 304 stainless steel on all components. From gruel-feeding piglets to market-weight hogs, Brehmer Mfg., Inc. can take your operation to the next level with this revolutionary feeder.


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