Swineweb.com Reaches Record 10,000 Pork Producers, Veterinarians on Twitter


More than 10,000 pork producers and industry professionals are following Swineweb.com’s Twitter feed to receive their daily news and market updates.

“We’re pleased that to we are able to meet the need for producers and veterinarians to easily access industry information,” says Jim Eadie from Swineweb.com. “We are hitting a key market online of customers that are seeking news and research and that are just one click away from our news website.” Swineweb.com has the largest social media following in North America.

Swineweb.com is taking advantage of the increasing number of pork producers that are using Twitter as a business tool. Twitter has proven especially useful for the pork industry due to the opportunity to build a global network and receive information that is tailored towards the industry. Producers and veterinarians that follow Swineweb.com on Twitter receive top headlines and research directly to their personal account––making it fast and easy to stay up-to-date.

“Online marketing is hot right now and it’s growing,” Eadie explains. “This is how today’s industry gets its information.” Backed by more than 10 years of data from Swineweb.com, Eadie says that stories articulate 3 times more views when they are shared on social media.

Swineweb.com is modernizing how information is sent out and responded to by utilizing social media handles like Twitter and Facebook. Twitter allows Swineweb.com to not only reach a target audience, it also helps Swineweb.com to gauge the thoughts of decision makers in the pork industry. Each social media profile provides key insight about customers and leaders in the swine industry––this allows companies to target market more accurately.

“Social media allows companies and organizations to maximize brand awareness and reach customers at a frequency that is unmatched by traditional advertisements or annual trade shows,” Eadie explains. He adds that he is thrilled that producers and veterinarians are utilizing the technology and tools available right at their fingerprints.

“Times have changed and it’s not just magazines and tradeshows that can be utilized for key information,” he says. Customers receive timely and useful information directly to their Twitter feeds on their phones, tablets and computers.

Swineweb.com provides key information, such as technical articles, commentary, market updates and news that aids with animal management and profitable farming decisions.

“The swine industry is embracing technology as a business tool––and so is Swineweb.com,” he says. “We look forward to continuing to innovate and to meet the industry’s need for heightened information.”

Swineweb.com is an online resource for the North American pork industry that provides daily news, market updates, commentaries and tools to assist with modern pork production.

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