Schmidt Family Establishes Debt-Relief Scholarship


The AASV Foundation is pleased to announce the establishment of a new scholarship to help relieve the student debt of recent veterinary graduates engaged in swine practice. The $5000 scholarship will be awarded annually to an AASV member who is between 2 and 5 years post-graduation from veterinary school and who carries a significant student debt burden.

The scholarship was initiated with a $110,000 contribution to the foundation by the Conrad Schmidt and Family Endowment. Dr Schmidt, a charter member of AASV, explained, “Together, Judy and I noticed that many new DVM graduates interested in swine medicine begin their professional life with heavy educational debt obligations. As a long-time AASV member and animal industry supporter, it was our desire to help AASV members who have dedicated their professional skills to swine herd health and production. We hope that this endowment will grow over time to assist in reducing the educational debt load of AASV members as they begin their professional journeys.”

Applications are being accepted through March 1 for the first scholarship to be awarded during the 50th AASV Annual Meeting in Orlando. The application form is available at The following criteria will be used to select the scholarship recipient:

  1. Joined AASV as a student enrolled in an AVMA-recognized college of veterinary medicine
  2. Attended the AASV Annual Meeting as a student
  3. Maintained continuous membership in AASV since graduation from veterinary school
  4. Is at least 2 years and at most 5 years post-graduation from veterinary school
  5. Has been engaged in private practice, 50% or more devoted to swine, providing on-farm service directly to independent pork producers
  6. Has a significant student debt burden

For more information, contact the AASV Foundation:, 515-465-5255.


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