Saskatchewan Veterinarian Named to Saskatchewan Agricultural Hall of Fame


Farmscape for January 18, 2019

A Saskatchewan swine veterinarian is among six new members of the Saskatchewan Agricultural Hall of Fame.
The Saskatchewan Agricultural Hall of Fame, located upstairs in the Western Development Museum in Saskatoon, was founded in 1972 to recognize people who have made outstanding contributions to their sectors and to agriculture and family farms in Saskatchewan. Among this year’s inductees is Dr. Neil Shantz. Reed Andrew, the President of the Saskatchewan Agricultural Hall of Fame, says Dr. Shantz has made substantial contributions during a  distinguished career as a veterinarian.

Clip-Reed Andrew Saskatchewan Agricultural Hall of Fame:
Neil is a champion in the Saskatchewan pork industry’s collective efforts to enhance food safety and animal welfare and biosecurity. Neil began working as a rural veterinarian in 1982. This is after he graduated from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine of Saskatoon. He had his own large-animal veterinarian specializing in swine and dairy for many many years. He also had a swine and dairy consultancy focusing primarily on preventative aspects of health management. He served as Canada’s Quality Assurance program validator and was Chair of the Board of Directors of Prairie Diagnostic Services for many years. He’s been in Saskatchewan all his life. He contributed largely in the swine and dairy as a veterinarian and as a consultant. Also in Prairie Diagnostic Services he’s been a leader in that area and in the biosecurity and welfare of animals.

The official induction ceremony is scheduled for April 27 at the Western Development Museum in Saskatoon.
Andrew says to get more information on the Saskatchewan Agricultural Hall of Fame and the induction ceremony or to order tickets visit SAHF.Ca.

For Farmscape.Ca, I’m Bruce Cochrane.

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