Swine Health Top of Mind Among Producers Across Canada

Farmscape for March 29, 2017 Full Interview 11:58 Listen The Chair of Manitoba Pork says swine health and how we contain the threat posed by newly emerging as well existing disease threats has become a top of mind issue among pork producers. A delegation representing Manitoba Pork visited Guelph last week where members took part

Dietary ω-6 to ω-3 Fatty Acid Ratios Affect Protein Deposition in Nursery Pigs

Authors: Laura Eastwood and Denise Beaulieu Reference: Prairie Swine Centre Annual Research Report 2013-14 An experiment was conducted to determine if decreasing the dietary omega-6 (ω-6) to omega-3 (ω-3) fatty acid (FA) ratio would affect protein deposition in nursery pigs during a prolonged E. coli lipopolysaccharide (LPS) inflammatory challenge. Following a one week long challenge, six week old piglets

Public Interest in Issues Related Livestock Transportation Builds

Farmscape for March 28, 2017 Full Interview 10:53 Listen The General Manager of the National Farm Animal Care Council says the general public is becoming more aware of and interested in issues related to the transport of livestock. The National Farm Animal Care Council, as a first step toward a planned update of Canada’s Transportation

Jim Long Pork Commentary, Brazil – Glass House Syndrome, March 26 2017

Jim Long, President and CEO Genesus Genetics The Brazil Meat Scandal is a big deal in Brazil and has global ramifications.   The gist of the event is that allegedly some meat packers in Brazil bribed food sanitation inspectors to approve sales to domestic and foreign buyers.   The same allegations include details of smelling

Improved Communication with Public and Media Top Priority for Agriculture

Farmscape for March 27, 2017 Full Interview 11:58 Listen The Chair of Manitoba Pork says improved communication with the public and with the media has become a top priority within the Canadian pork industry. A delegation representing Manitoba Pork travelled to Guelph last week to take part on Ontario Pork’s 2017 Annual General Meeting. George

Christine Pelland, DVM from South West Ontario Veterinary Services, – Use of Recreational Straw Common in Sweden, March 27th 2017

Tail biting is a common problem in pig farming and has a direct effect on the welfare of the pig. Infectious arthritis, lung abscess, carcass abscess and pleuritis that result from tail biting can be the cause of significant economic loss to the producer. The lesions of tail biting and the sequelae are easily detected

Genesus Global Technical Support, Biosecurity – Bio-Management

Biosecurity – Bio-Management Joe Rogowsky DVM   When someone mentions biosecurity, the first thought that comes to mind is preventing the entry of a new pathogen or “bio-exclusion.” However, biosecurity also includes managing the pathogens already on the farm or “bio-management,” and here are some thoughts on that topic.   When sorting out a health

Pork Producers Call for Clarity in Animal Care Codes

Farmscape for March 24, 2016 Full Interview 11:58 Listen The Chair of Manitoba Pork says pork producers are looking for more clarity as dates approach for final changes to Canada’s new Pig Code of Practice and its incorporation into the Canadian Pork Excellence program. A delegation representing Manitoba Pork travelled to Guelph this week to

Cost Shared Program Helps Pork Producers Improve Animal Welfare

Farmscape for March 24, 2017 Full Interview 9:05 Listen A program being offered by the Governments of Canada and Saskatchewan in partnership with Sask Pork is helping the province’s pork producers access equipment which will help them comply with new animal welfare requirements under Canada’s Pig Code of Practice. The Saskatchewan Pork Development Board, in

Agriculture Fares Well Under New Saskatchewan Budget

Farmscape for March 22, 2017 Full Interview 5:12 Listen The Saskatchewan Pork Development Board says, despite higher costs and reduced supports, agriculture fared well under Saskatchewan’s latest provincial budget. The Saskatchewan government unveiled its 2017-2018 provincial budget yesterday. Sask Pork Chair Florian Possberg observes the province ran a significant deficit this past year and, while