Lower than Projected Numbers Steady Slaughter Hog Prices

Farmscape for December 12, 2017 Full Interview 7:42 Listen The Director of Risk Management with hams Marketing Services says lower than projected slaughter hog supplies have helped maintain steady live hog prices. Over the past couple of years the largest hog slaughter in the U.S. has come in mid to late December. Tyler Fulton, the

Jim Long Pork Commentary, Hog Market Shows Profits for Next Twelve Months, December 12th 2017

Jim Long, President and CEO Genesus Genetics Using current projected feed cost and current lean hog futures it appears the average profit potential for next twelve months should average about $20 US per head for farrow to finish operations. That’s a very positive number, considering the industry noise, that expansion is happening.   A real

Dr. Kevin Vilaca from Southwest Ontario Veterinary Services, Is PCV3 One of the Infectious Causes of PDNS?

Next generation sequencing is making it easier to find novel viruses in diseased pigs. It is not quite so easy to know if these novel viruses are causing disease or just happen to be “innocent bystanders”. We know all too well from past experience that Porcine circovirus-associated disease (PCVAD) is clinically manifested by postweaning multisystemic

Genesus Global Technical Report, Whole Carcass Pork Quality

Whole Carcass Pork Quality Bob Kemp, VP Genetic Programs and R&D, Genesus Inc   As most industry participants know, the USDA Agricultural Marketing Service is seeking comment on the proposed changes to the standards of pork carcass grades (https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2017/10/23/2017-22934/united-states-standards-for-grades-of-pork-carcasses) . There will be different opinions on the value of these proposed changes, especially as it

Antibiotic-Free Livestock Production Systems Create Animal Welfare Challenges

Farmscape for December 7, 2017 Full Interview 7:02 Listen A Veterinary Pathologist with the Western College of Veterinary Medicine says maintaining animal welfare under antibiotic-free production systems can be a challenge. In response to public concerns over potential reductions in the effectiveness of antibiotics to treat disease resulting from their over use, livestock producers have

Expanded Use of PigTRACE Herdmark Ear Tag Expecting to Streamline Pig Movement Reporting

Farmscape for December 6, 2017 Full Interview 6:03 Listen An expansion lf the allowable use of the 5-digit herdmark ear tag is expected to help streamline pig movement reporting. Revisions by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to Canada’s list of approved animal indicators is now allowing pigs moved to an auction or assembly yard to

Jim Long Pork Commentary, Le PORCSHOW – Quebec, December 4th 2017

Jim Long, President and CEO Genesus Genetics Le PORCSHOW – Quebec   Last week we attended the Quebec PORCSHOW that was held in Quebec City. Over 1,000 people registered for the conference, expo and festivities.  We have travelled and attended Pork events all over the world; Le Porcshow, we have to say was one of

ERYSENG® PARVO, a new sow reproductive vaccine launched by HIPRA in Canada

In November 2017, HIPRA Canada Animal Health organized three events in Guelph, Quebec City, and Winnipeg respectively for the launch of the new reproductive vaccine ERYSENG® PARVO. Between 13th and 16th November, HIPRA brought together over 30 professionals from the Canadian swine sector at three sessions, the main focus of which was a practical review of the

Western Hog Exchange Market Commentary, December 4th 2017

Recording Click this link to download/play recording in MP3 format. Transcript Hog futures are trading mixed with nearby contracts maintaining moderate gains on support based on firming fundamentals. But overall lack of support in the cattle market is putting pressure on lightly traded deferred hog futures. This may continue to weaken the market price through the

Space and Water Availability Issues for Nursery and Grow-Finish Pigs

Author(s): Dr. Mike Brumm Publication Date: January 1, 2006 Reference: Proceedings of the 2006 Manitoba Swine Seminar Country: Canada   Summary: Economic success of a modern facility relies largely on the methods of providing feed and water as well as how many pigs are in the facility. Maximum stocking density space is determined by how