Use of Temperature, Humidity, and Slaughter Condemnation Data to Predict Increases in Transport Losses in Three Classes of Swine and Resulting Foregone Revenue

    Peterson E, Remmenga M, Hagerman AD and Akkina JE (2017) Use of Temperature, Humidity, and Slaughter Condemnation Data to Predict Increases in Transport Losses in Three Classes of Swine and Resulting Foregone Revenue. Front. Vet. Sci. 4:67. doi: 10.3389/fvets.2017.00067     The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS)

U of Illinois Research: Dust Particles in Livestock Facilities: Sweat the Small Stuff

A beam of sunlight streams into your living room, illuminating a Milky Way of dust particles hanging in the air. Although the air looks thick, those visible dust particles are so big that they can’t reach the smallest branches of the respiratory tree in your lungs. It’s the dust we can’t see-smaller than 2.5 microns,

Mike Brumm Economist Commentary, Thoughts on Slaughter Weights, July 20 2017

Much has been written about the new slaughter plants in Iowa and Michigan that are expected to begin slaughtering pigs within 1-2 months. Of concern to producers is the large increase in the kept for market inventory in the June 1 USDA report associated with the start of these plants. Any mis-step in the start-up

Pork Checkoff Announces #RealPigFarming Student Social Forces

  The Pork Checkoff has selected 12 college students to represent the #RealPigFarming Student Social Forces team this year. Candidates were selected based on their involvement in the pork industry and their strong communication skills. The team will be active from July until December. “Social media is ingrained in young people’s lives,” said Claire Masker,

Genesus Global Market Report, USA

USA Market Report Allan Bentley Genesus Sales Representative USA   We have increased packing capacity coming up and that has been the talk of the industry. There has been sow expansion and will continue to see more as we fill this new capacity.   Looking forward I am very concerned that the industry has forgotten

Registration Open for First Pig Welfare Symposium

    The National Pork Board has announced that its first-ever Pig Welfare Symposium will take place Nov. 7-9, 2017, in Des Moines, Iowa. The forum is designed to help improve the well-being of pigs by disseminating recent research findings and recommendations, raising awareness of current and emerging issues and identifying potential solutions. “The symposium

Pork Producers to Donate 1 Pound of Pork Per Question at Oink Outing

The Minnesota Pork Board will be hosting an Oink Outing at Land O’Lakes’ corporate headquarters. Minnesota pig farmers will be on hand to answer any question about pig farming or pork. For every question asked, 1 lb of ground pork will be donated to Second Harvest Heartland. If you would like to volunteer contact Pam

July Hog Margin Watch

    Margins deteriorated over the first half of July due to a combination of lower hog prices and slightly higher feed costs, particularly for soybean meal. Hog finishing margins are now back to well below historical averages, at around the bottom quartile of profitability over the previous decade. The exception is the spot Q3

Dennis Smith from Archer Financial Services, Pork Commentary, July 18 2017

LEAN HOGS Cash was down .50 yesterday with the cutout down .29. Futures bounced as the July went off the board. Aug hogs closed up 90 points. With cash called mixed for the rest of this week, look for a choppy trade in hogs. This market is in transition from tight supply and strong product prices

The Limitations of Seasonality Data

  Many hog producers look to seasonal price trends for guidance with their hedging decisions. For example, we generally expect cash hogs prices and hog margins to rise through the spring and summer. As temperatures rise, market weights decline along with pork production at a time of year where pork demand tends to peak. In