Pork Checkoff Announces #RealPigFarming Student Social Forces

  The Pork Checkoff has selected 12 college students to represent the #RealPigFarming Student Social Forces team this year. Candidates were selected based on their involvement in the pork industry and their strong communication skills. The team will be active from July until December. “Social media is ingrained in young people’s lives,” said Claire Masker,

Registration Open for First Pig Welfare Symposium

    The National Pork Board has announced that its first-ever Pig Welfare Symposium will take place Nov. 7-9, 2017, in Des Moines, Iowa. The forum is designed to help improve the well-being of pigs by disseminating recent research findings and recommendations, raising awareness of current and emerging issues and identifying potential solutions. “The symposium

July Hog Margin Watch

    Margins deteriorated over the first half of July due to a combination of lower hog prices and slightly higher feed costs, particularly for soybean meal. Hog finishing margins are now back to well below historical averages, at around the bottom quartile of profitability over the previous decade. The exception is the spot Q3

Scott Brown Weekly Livestock Update from the University of Missouri, July 18 2017

Published on Jul 14, 2017 Some highlights from this week’s Weekly Livestock Market Update: •The USDA released its latest WASDE report. Scott notes that beef production estimates were increased by 270 million pounds for 2017. That lowered their fed steer price by a $1 for 2017 average. Barrow and gilt estimates were raised $2, driven

The Limitations of Seasonality Data

  Many hog producers look to seasonal price trends for guidance with their hedging decisions. For example, we generally expect cash hogs prices and hog margins to rise through the spring and summer. As temperatures rise, market weights decline along with pork production at a time of year where pork demand tends to peak. In

USTR Releases NAFTA Negotiating Objectives

    United States Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer today released a detailed and comprehensive summary of the negotiating objectives for the renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Through the renegotiation of NAFTA, the Trump Administration will seek a much better agreement that reduces the U.S. trade deficit and is fair for all

CIH Hog Margin Watch

  With the exception of the spot Q3 marketing period, hog margins deteriorated further in the second half of June, following a rally in feed costs that more than offset higher hog prices during the period. USDA released a few key reports at the end of the month, including the Quarterly Hogs and Pigs, the

Agriculture Groups Worried About Import Restrictions

  The National Pork Producers Council and 17 other food and agriculture organizations, representing the vast majority of production agriculture, today sent a letterto the Trump administration urging it to refrain from placing restrictions on imports of steel and aluminum. The organizations are very concerned that such restrictions will boomerang against U.S. food and agriculture exports.

Mike Brumm Economist Commentary, What About Space Per Pig?, July 11 2017

There is renewed interest regarding the impact of space per pig on both pig performance and the financials associated with this performance. More than 25 years ago Dr Tim Powell and I published a paper examining the economics of space allocation in confinement facilities. Based on the data available at the time, we concluded while

Dennis Smith from Archer Financial Services, Fresh Belly Prices Continue to Grind into Record Highs, July 11, 2017

  LEAN HOGS Cash was up .50 on Monday with the cutout steady. Bellies continue to edge higher and into fresh all-time highs on very tight supplies.  Hams are steady along with loins. However, changes are developing in the butts, picnics and ribs. They are showing signs of topping out. The weekly kill is projected