New Rabobank Pork report on the effect a Chinese-U.S. trade dispute could have on the F&A sector

Pork On pork imports: In 2016, China imported 215,000 tonnes of pork, out of total pork-related imports of 1.62m tonnes. China could suspend US pork shipments due to technical issues or by levying anti-dumping duties. This would lead to increased inflows throughout the grey channel, which already plays a key role in beef and offal

Christine Pelland, DVM from South West Ontario Veterinary Services, – Use of Recreational Straw Common in Sweden, March 27th 2017

Tail biting is a common problem in pig farming and has a direct effect on the welfare of the pig. Infectious arthritis, lung abscess, carcass abscess and pleuritis that result from tail biting can be the cause of significant economic loss to the producer. The lesions of tail biting and the sequelae are easily detected

Swine Medicine Talks: 101 Common and Not-So-Common Swine Lesions

AASV and the Swine Medicine Education Center (SMEC) are excited to extend the invitation to view the Swine Medicine Talks: An AASV and SMECast Series for Veterinary Students Lecture 3 to all AASV members! The Swine Medicine Talks is a 3-part swine medicine seminar series, hosted by the AASV student chapter and Swine Medicine Education

Genesus Global Technical Support, Biosecurity – Bio-Management

Biosecurity – Bio-Management Joe Rogowsky DVM   When someone mentions biosecurity, the first thought that comes to mind is preventing the entry of a new pathogen or “bio-exclusion.” However, biosecurity also includes managing the pathogens already on the farm or “bio-management,” and here are some thoughts on that topic.   When sorting out a health

Scott Brown weekly Livestock update from the University of Missouri, March 20th 2017

Some highlights from this week’s Weekly Livestock Market Update: This week’s market recap with Scott Brown: Cash hogs are steady for the week. Pork cut-out is steady for the week and the first time in a few weeks we’ve steadied on the pork cutout side. In terms of beef – feeder calves are steady to

Incorporating health and safety in the decision-making process

Canadian pork production has made a tremendous transition from smaller family farms into large-scale high-production barns.  This transition has spurred several process changes and technological advancements throughout the Pork Value Chain.  So let’s say you are presented with a new technology, tool, or method to help production. How do you decide if it is going

JBS USA Agrees to Purchase Plumrose USA From Danish Crown

Continued realization of Company strategy to diversify product portfolio and expand branded offerings Acquisition expected to provide annual synergies of $25 Million JBS USA today announced a definitive share purchase agreement with Danish Crown A/S (“Danish Crown”) to acquire the company’s U.S.-based bacon, ham and deli meat business, Plumrose USA, for $230 million (USD). It

Genesus Global Technical Report, The Key Elements of Genotype Panels, March 10 2017

Nick Boddicker, Ph.D.   Genomics has become commonplace for any serious swine genetics company and it is used to improve genetic gain, which directly affects profitability for the customer. Genotype information is the foundation of genomics and genomic selection. Genotyping is carried out using special “chips” that read predetermined markers or single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs).

Requirements for digestible Ca by pigs

Dr. Hans H. Stein discusses his laboratory’s experiments to determine the requirements for standardized total tract digestible calcium in pigs at different stages of life. He also offers recommendations as well as avenues for further research. Transcript: TranscriptsReqsForDigestibleCa.txt © 2008-2017 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

BIOMIN Launches Digestarom® DC: The Feed Converte

BIOMIN has launched its innovative, next generation phytogenic feed additive, Digestarom® DC, as it fulfills its ambition to become the PFA market leader by 2020. “Digestarom® DC represents a dramatically new approach to phytogenics,” stated Michael Noonan, Global Product Manager Phytogenics at BIOMIN. “We’ve concentrated our efforts on how to improve feed conversion, because we