Nuscience feed technology enters Canadian market under Biotica brand

Nuscience feed technology enters Canadian market under Biotica brand Nuscience, a member of the Royal Agrifirm Group, has announced the introduction of its elite level feed technology suite into the Canadian market, under the Biotica product brand via strategic marketing partnership with Canadian Bio-Systems Inc.   The launch of Biotica introduces Nuscience feed technology across

Genesus Global Market Report, Canada – A Strange Marriage

Bob Fraser Sales & Service, Genesus Ontario The ties that bind. The marriage I am referring to is the increasingly strong one between the Quebec and Ontario pork industries. Quebec and Ontario may be separated by language and culture but bound by history and geography, Lower Canada and Upper Canada. Now in the last

Jim Long Pork Commentary, Mexico Trip Report, February 12th 2018

Jim Long, President and CEO Genesus Genetics Last week we spent in the state of Jalisco, Mexico. Capital of Jalisco is Guadalajara. Jalisco is the number one state in Mexico for hog production, with over 20% of the country’s output. Our Observations:   Mexico’s hog price is very good at significantly higher price than US

Brent Jones from Southwest Ontario Veterinary Service, Does Finishing Space Allowance Affect Pork Quality?

The effect of finishing  pig space allowance on growth performance has received a lot of attention. Decreased space allowance can negatively affect average daily feed intake and average daily gain. The effect of reduced space allowance on pork carcass quality has received less attention. These Korean researchers wanted to evaluate the optimal space allowance that

Managing Winter Ventilation

One small difference when it comes to winter ventilation, is that for a period of time, in late fall and also in early spring, staff need to be more vigilant on a day to day basis to ensure room temperature fluctuations are kept to a minimum. This usually means daily vigilance monitoring first and second stage ventilation fans and either installing or

Stronger Packer Competition Putting More Money into Pork Producers’ Pockets

Farmscape for February 7, 2018 Full Interview 8:27 Listen Hams Marketing Services says increased competition in the U.S. for slaughter hogs is resulting in a greater share of the consumer’s dollar going into the pockets of farmers. Moving toward the second quarter of 2018 hog markets have been looking quite positive. Tyler Fulton, the Director

Jim Long Pork Commentary, Where we at? Where are we going? February 5th 2018

Jim Long, President and CEO Genesus Genetics This past week, a year ago, US 53-54% lean hogs were averaging 69¢ lb; this year, this past week 73¢ lb – 4¢ higher, or about $8 per head to the good.   A year ago, U.S. cash 40lb feeder pig were averaging $72; this week, this year

Brent Jones from Southwest Ontario Veterinary Service, – The “Red Paint” on Uncooked Meat

When I comes to biosecurity I always like to think of disease organisms that threaten biosecurity as being like fresh “red paint”  that coats the surface of the outside world. We already know that bringing uncooked meat into a barn represents a huge risk with respect to Foreign Animal Disease such as Foot and Mouth

Formulating Diets for Individual Pigs Reduces Feed Costs and Environmental Impacts

Farmscape for February 5, 2018 Full Interview 7:51 Listen A scientist with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada says tailoring ration formulations to the needs of each pig will lower feeding costs and reduce the environmental impact of manure. As part of research being conducted on behalf of Swine Innovation Porc Canadian scientists are developing a precision

Canadian Pork Council reiterates the importance of trade in front of the House of Commons’ Standing Committee on International Trade

At today’s House of Commons’ Standing Committee on International Trade meeting, Canadian Pork Council (CPC) Second Vice-Chair René Roy outlined how trade plays a vital role in the industry’s prosperity and how it impacts the Canadian economy. “Over 70% of Canadian pork is exported and pork producers are steadfast supporters of initiatives that contribute to