Recommended Holding Times for Decontamination of Feedstuffs Decreased


Farmscape for May 14, 2019

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Scientists with South Dakota State University have updated the holding times necessary to deactivate viral contamination in feed ingredients. In 2018, based on research that looked at the survivability of viruses in feedstuffs, scientists calculated holding times required to deactivate these viruses. Dr. Paul Sundberg, the Executive Director of the Swine Health Information Center, says South Dakota State University has completed a research project that updates the holding times needed to allow the natural degradation of viral contamination in feedstuffs to take place.

Clip-Dr. Paul Sundberg-Swine Health Information Center:
What we found was that this updated holding time, with better data, stronger data than we had back in 2018, shows that the holding time that would allow natural degradation of the virus has decreased over what we thought in 2018 in October. That’s really good news. The good news is the 2018 estimate of holding times erred on the side of caution.
At that time, right after the outbreak of ASF in China, everyone wanted to know what they could do to help mitigate the introduction of that disease into North America as quickly as possible. One of the things that we offered was, here’s research that talks about a holding time by which a company or a mill or a producer could hold these products at a very specific time to allow natural degradation of the virus. The initial 2018 research showed a rather long time and that was an err on the side of caution. New holding times show that we probably didn’t need to go that far in 2018 based on better data, at three different temperatures now as well. I think we have much stronger data by which we can act and by which producers can consider whether or not they want to apply that mitigation.

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