Precision Feeding for Gestating Sows


The objective of this project was to assess the impact of an individualized feeding strategy for pregnant sows whose dietary intakes vary depending on stage of gestation and the individual characteristics of the sow, on growth performances, productivity and feed costs.

  1. Use simulation to validate the economic impact of different models for estimating the nutritional needs of gestating sows;
  2. Set up the model that is the most interesting of the various models as regards economic impact and ease of implementation;
  3. Assess the impact of the model used on the performances and productivity of gestating sows and on lactation in a commercial setting, when compared to conventional feeding;
  4. Assess the economic impact of the feeding strategy in the commercial field trial;
  5. Conduct an assessment of the payback period for this feeding strategy.

Precision Feeding for Gestating Sows (View pdf)


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