Prairie Hog Country December 2018- January 2019 Issue


Excited to share that the six and final edition of 2018 is printed and will be in the hands of Canada Post this Friday, lets hope not to many delays in getting delivered. The online updates are completed and set to upload for Friday as well, so while waiting for tangible edition checkout

Lots of copy in this issue, including coverage of Red Deer Swine Technology Workshop, Saskatchewan Industry Pork Symposium, Expansion Numbers in Manitoba, Update on Research Priorities, Highlights from Alberta Livestock Expo, A New Barn on a New Colony, Star Award Winers at SPACE 2018, Coordinated Disease Response, Seeking CPE Premium plus much more.

Thanks for your continued support of Prairie Hog Country, myself along with our writing team look forward to 2019 which will be the 23rd year in publishing.


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