Prairie Hog Country August 2019 Edition


I am happy to report that the fourth edition in 2019 was sent to press this week, it will be in the hands of Canada Post next Friday. At which time the on line edition will also be updated. Included in this issue are many updates on ASF and some of the plans to help with prevention and preparedness. The ongoing PED situation in Manitoba. Coverage from Alberta Pork Congress, complete with award winners and some new products. New research on pork grading. Trying to fix a broken system, on the pricing model. Trade frustration and much much more. 

Also included are the complete survey results, thanks for the continued support of the entire pig sector – producers, if you didn’t like what you read and maintain the businesses who advertise it would be impossible to continue publishing Prairie Hog County.  Industry/Businesses if you didn’t support Prairie Hog Country with your advertising budgets there would be no magazine, so huge thanks to you as well.  

Prairie Hog Country looks forward to continue to be your direct connection to Western Canadian Producers six time per year, 2020 will be our 24th year of publishing.

Laurie Brandly,

Publisher Prairie Hog Country 


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