Pork Leader Still Hoping For U.S. Trade Deal With Vietnam


European Union lawmakers have approved a free trade agreement with Vietnam that will eliminate almost all tariffs over ten years. Vietnam is an important market for U.S. pork and Nebraska Pork Producers Association Executive Director Al Juhnke says the U.S. is still working with Vietnam to keep that pork market open for U.S. producers.

He says the U.S. is trading with Vietnam on more than just pork which should help with getting a future bilateral agreement.

Juhnke and several Nebraska ag representatives have traveled to Vietnam in the past and he says continuing to build those personal relationships in critical in forging trade deals.

Juhnke says besides Vietnam, the U.S. is also hoping to make inroads with a trade pact with the United Kingdom and possibly down the road with the European Union.

Source: Radio 570 WNAX


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