Pipestone Veterinarian Todd Williams; Ordinance won’t prevent CAFO


Source: Brownfield

A partner with Pipestone says a new county ordinance in Missouri won’t stop them from moving ahead with their planned hog operation.

Todd Williams is also a veterinarian with Pipestone who tells Brownfield they are reviewing the Cooper County, Missouri health board’s manure application ordinance which has more restrictions than the state, including an extended set-back, “At this point it appears that we’re able to simply implement what we have told them all along, that we would work within existing DNR nutrient management plan guidelines with that.”

Although the nutrient management requirements in the ordinance won’t lead to extra costs for Pipestone, he says it could for other farmers, “Unfortunately, for some other individuals within the county, it could potentially lead to increased costs with that as well.”

Williams says Pipestone is a company that believes in science and data, “As long as we operate with what the DNR has requested and the technologies that are incorporated into our facilities, we do not believe we will pose a risk to our neighbors or the county.”

A local group of concerned citizens has filed an appeal of Pipestone’s Missouri DNR permit but Williams says they are confident they will prevail because they met ALL the permit requirements.


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