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Founded in 1973, Osborne Industries, Inc., is an employee-owned and American-made manufacturer and distributor of advanced livestock management equipment, with innovative solutions designed to improve efficiency and save producers and researchers time and money. With an extensive network of equipment distributors around the world, Osborne’s ventilation, feeding, and weighing products can be found in more than 40 countries. Osborne’s strong commitment to quality and customer service make them a trusted source for your pig management equipment needs. To learn more about what Osborne has to offer, contact them today.

Stanfield Heat Pads

Stanfield® Heat Mats
Promote healthy growth, reduce stress and provide optimal temperatures for baby pigs with the industry’s first under-body electric heating pads by Osborne. Constructed with ultra-strong, water and flame-resistant fiberglass-reinforced composite, Stanfield heat pads outperform other heat mats made of cheap, flammable plastics. At full power, Stanfield heat mats provide a completely uniform surface temperature of 30-35° F (16-20° C) above air temperature which is just right for newborn pigs. 13 energy-saving models to choose from for one-litter or two-litter farrowing and nursery-size mats in 110 or 220 VAC. Manual and automatic ramping controls available.

Big Wheel Feeders

Big Wheel® Pig Feeders
Patented, mechanical-flow feed delivery means more feed in the pigs and less in the pit with Osborne’s round Big Wheel feeders. Traditional, gravity-flow rectangular feeders require continuous adjustments, cleaning, and force pigs into close contact to eat. Big Wheel feeders provide unobstructed, 360° access to fress feed that spreads pigs radially around a self-cleaning round trough. With models for nursery, wean-to-finish (grow-finish), finishing, outdoor finishing, and ad-libitum sow feeding, there is a no-waste Big Wheel feeder for every application. Visit Osborne’s website to see all models.

Portable Scales

ACCU-ARM® Portable Livestock Scales
Weigh pigs, sheep, goats, calves, and more with Osborne’s cable-free, rock-solid portable scales. ACCU-ARM scales reduce weighing stress for both you and your animals. Livestock load and unload easily in the scale that features a system of torsion rods that minimize sway and bounce. Perfect for 4-H clubs, county fairs, and even weighing finishing pigs before loading for market, ACCU-ARM scales provide a reliable, stree-free weighing experience. Easily customizable to meet your application with multiple options in opening and closing gates, weigh meters, and more.

Ventilation Equipment

AGRI-AIDE® Ventilation Equipment
Animals in confinement buildings require fresh, clean air for optimal growth and herd health. Osborne’s line of ventilation equipment includes exhaust fans and wind diverters, Super-Jet circulation fans, high-pressure air duct fans, Auto-MAX® fresh air inlets and roof cupolas, and accessories and controls. North American design experience and on-staff ventilation engineers can design a custom ventilation system for nearly any animal – including pigs.

Osborne TEAM ESF

TEAM® Electronic Sow Feeding (ESF) System
Osborne has been working with electronic sow feeding with North American design and housing since the early 1980s and with years of original research. With ESF, sows are housed in groups – not individual stalls – and are fed privately inside the feeding station to eliminate competition and optimize feed consumption and body condition. Detailed TEAM Software accompanying each system can be used to adjust feed curves, monitor animal activity, and more. Improve efficiency and reduce wasted nutrients in gestation with the original North American ESF System from Osborne.

Weight Watcher

Weight Watcher Auto-Sort System
Automatically monitor pig weights in the wean-to-finish (grow-finish) or finishing barns with the automated growth management system, Weight Watcher. With a patented design and unique split feed and water “zones” ensure growing pigs always get weighed with the ACCU-ARM Survey Scale. Produce uniform loads by feeding pigs based on their actual weight, monitor the growth of large pens, and accurately predict time to market with DailyWeigh Software and the rugged Survey Scale. Pigs load easier and with less stress and allow producers to market more pounds of pork.

Osborne FIRE Feed Intake Recording Equipment

FIRE® Pig Performance Testing System
Automate the measurement of key performance indicators like daily feed intake, animal growth, and more with the worldwide gold standard in pig performance testing—FIRE (Feed Intake Recording Equipment). Used by more genetics companies and in professional and university studies than any other comparable system, FIRE accurately and automatically collects daily feed intake, feed conversion rates, body weights, and more while allowing animals to be housed in commercially-realistic group settings. Eliminate costly and inefficient manual performance testing with the original pig performance testing system.

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