NPPA Announces Participants in the 2017 Pork Leadership Program


The Nebraska Pork Producers Association is proud to welcome participants in the 2017 Pork Leadership Program. Participants in the 2017 Pork Leadership Program are:


Paul Segner operates a contract wean to finish operation as a production partner with the Maschhoffs near Friend.


Matthew Marquardt operates a small farrow to finish hog operation near Tekamah.


Justin Hankins of Omaha works for Farm Credit Services of America as a Swine Industry Credit Analyst.


Connor Sharp of Omaha works for Standard Nutrition Company and is responsible for overall marketing efforts, as well as regional training and business development activities for consultants.


Chad Moyer of Beemer works for the Nebraska Rural Radio Association as a Farm Broadcaster.


Brady McNeil of Columbus helps customers maximize genetic potential and provides technical support for DNA Genetics.


The 2017 Pork Leadership Program is comprised of six talented professionals. Each participant shares unique experiences that shape their perspective based on their particular career path as well as their personal involvements and interests.


Participants in the Pork Leadership Program will participate in six meetings and activities over the course of a year, where they will learn about various aspects of the pork and agriculture industries.


Participants in the Pork Leadership Program will learn more about:

  • Current and diverse pork production methods
  • Current research efforts to improve pork production as it relates to overall pig health and well-being
  • Current domestic issues and their impacts on the pork industry as it relates to economics and trade
  • Current policy and regulations being developed on the local, state, and national levels


Participants in the Pork Leadership Program will:

  • Interact with the general public and elected leaders and will serve as positive advocates for the pork industry
  • Define their personal leadership style and know how to work with different leadership styles in a group
  • Develop a working knowledge of the Nebraska Pork Producers Association and other key organizations that agriculture groups can work with to broaden perspectives and build coalitions


The Pork Leadership Program was created to build awareness, interest, and involvement in the pork industry. Members will further develop their skills as leaders and will naturally emerge as the next wave of active and engaged members of committees and board members at the local, state, and national levels.


The Nebraska Pork Producers Association is a grassroots, incorporated, non profit organization established in 1961. NPPA was developed to promote the pork industry through the enhancement of consumer demand, producer education and research. For more information, visit NPPA’s website at


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