New Veterinary Tool Available to Assist in Antimicrobial Decision Making


Farmscape for December 17, 2018

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Canadian Veterinarians have a new tool to help them in decision making when prescribing antimicrobials. The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, with input from key stakeholders, has created an online platform for Canada’s veterinarians to support decision-making on appropriate and responsible use of antimicrobials in animals. CVMA Manager of National Issues and Animal Welfare Dr. Shane Renwick says the platform was in development for two years and came on line November 30, the day before a Health Canada policy change came into effect under which medically important antimicrobials used for animals became prescription only.

Clip-Dr. Shane Renwick-Canadian Veterinary Medical Association:
Back in 2008 the CVMA produced what we called Prudent Use Guidelines for Antimicrobials in beef, dairy swine and poultry and after 10 years it was time to update them. Science changed, the rules had recently changed. Health Canada had changed its policies and regulations around oversight of antimicrobials in Canada and it was time to update the guidelines. The new guidelines that we’ve developed which incidentally are in electronic format now versus print format 10 years ago have been very widely supported by veterinarians. In fact the guidelines were produced by veterinarians and are intended for use by veterinarians. Vets have been heavily involved in this. The feedback we’ve had so far has been very positive. Veterinarians now have a tool that is available to them on line through their smart phone or iPad which of course many use now on the farm. We don’t have to rely on printed material anymore and the tool is searchable, the science is current, the advice they’ll be given will be optimal.

Information on the current changes and on the guideline tools is available on the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association web site.

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