New State-of-the-Art Boar Stud Exclusively for Hypor Genetics in Sonora, Mexico


A new partnership between Hypor, Nutriservicios Pecuarios and Sonora Agropecuria S.A. de C.V (S.A.S.A.) to exclusively supply Hypor genetics from a new boar stud in Sonora, starting in 2017, was announced at Pig Producer’s Day congress, Navojoa in November.
“This is a significant step for Hypor that will allow us to supply quality genetics to pork producers in Sonora,” says Hypor General Manager Americas Luis Prieto Garcia. Sonora is the second largest pork producing state in Mexico and the one that historically has been more focused in the Japanese market. Due to health restrictions, it is very difficult to bring genetics from other parts of Mexico into Sonora. The new boar stud will meet the demand from pork producers inside the state that want to use Hypor’s genetics in their operations.
“The only way to provide a sustainable supply of genetics is to have a boar stud in the state,” Prieto explains. The new board stud that is owned by S.A.S.A and Nutriservicios Pecuarios, will house around 150 Hypor Magnus boars and approximately 50 dam lines and Hypor Maxter boars. Hypor boars will be imported from Hypor high health nucleus facilities in Canada at the beginning of 2017. This new facility will have the capability to supply genetics for at least 35,000 sows with the potential to double in the future.
“This is a very nice alliance with both S.A.S.A. and Nutriservicios Pecuarios,” Prieto says. “Due to our broad experience in Canada (traditional exporter to Japan) we know we have the product that can supply them with the type of pork they need for their market.” S.A.S.A. exports quality pork cuts to Japan as well as other countries. The Hypor Magnus is a terminal boar that is developed to produce high quality pork at a fast growth rate––the fastest in North America.
In addition, Nutriservicios Pecuarios will distribute Hypor’s genetics to pork producers throughout the state. Nutriservicios Pecuarios is Hypor’s main distributor in Mexico with distribution locations throughout the country.
“This partnership gives Hypor a stronger position in the country Prieto says. Hypor has been supplying genetics in parts of Mexico since 2003. “Now we will be able to meet the demand for quality genetics throughout all of the Republic.”


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