New Max Capacity Hopper Extensions from Crystal Spring Hog Equipment Provide Additional Feed Capacity While Reducing Feed Drops


Following its legacy of bringing innovation to the industry, Crystal Spring Hog Equipment launches a newly designed and patent-pending, maximum capacity high-pile hopper extensions and feed drop guards. The new extensions increase feed capacity by 60-90% from traditional-height feeders, while reducing feed drops. Extension panels are also designed to protect and hide the feed storage area from heavier market-weight pigs. Both new and existing installations of 36” (0.9m) and larger Crystal Spring® Wet/Dry Grow-Finish, Wean-Finish and Nursery Feeders can benefit from the new extensions.

Extension kits come standard in powder-coated galvanized steel, and are also available in 304 series stainless steel. Kits ship disassembled for shipping efficiency; factory assembly is also available. All Crystal Spring® Wet/Dry Grow-Finish and Wean-Finish Feeders are available in both standard 31” (0.79m) and extended 41” (1.04m) height. Nursery feeders are offered in both 25” (0.64m) and extended 31” (0.79m) heights.
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