New Case Of PEDv Confirmed In Southeast Manitoba


Manitoba Pork says a new case of the PED virus was confirmed May 15th in a finisher barn in southeastern Manitoba.

Biocontainment on the site is in place.

Manitoba Pork and the Chief Veterinary Office are strongly recommending enhanced biosecurity steps be taken on all premises in the area bounded on the west by PTH 75, north by PR 210, east by PTH 12, and south by PTH 52 (and mile road 36N that continues west from the 52 to the 200 and the Red River). This recommendation is meant to encompass areas impacted by PED in May and June of the last three years and provide easily recognizable boundaries for all involved.

There are currently 68 premises that have reached presumptive negative status from the outbreak in 2017, 11 transitional premises and one positive site remaining.

All Manitoba producers are encouraged to sign on to the password protected Manitoba Coordinated Disease Response website, to access detailed information regarding the status and locations of affected premises.

Biosecurity information can also be found on Manitoba Pork’s website.


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