Minnesota Pork Lenders Meeting to Highlight the 9 million+ Head Growth in Harvesting Capacity

Tuesday July 26, 2016
Country Inn & Suites, Mankato, MN

Pork Processing Update

Vince Baack, CFO New Fashion Pork 

The pork industry is poised to add an additional 9+ million head of harvesting capacity over the next few years. What does this additional capacity mean for pork producers and what are some considerations they should be considering looking ahead? Baack will provide an industry perspective on the pork harvesting capacity boom. 

State and National Policy Updates 

David Preisler, Minnesota Pork Producers Association
Hear the latest on State and Federal policy decisions and how they impact pork producers. 

Economic Update

Joe Kerns, Kerns and Associates   
Explore the current economic conditions and what this means for pork producers. Learn about the national and global factors influencing pork demand, feed costs and trade.


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