Minnesota Pork Board Debuts New Logo



The Minnesota Pork Board is unveiling a new logo that will become the identity of the organization. A logo’s importance can often be underestimated. A brand’s logo serves as the identity and is featured in all of the organization’s efforts. It is important that the logo represents the organization’s values and is easily identifiable.

The new logo takes the existing equity from the old logo and brings a contemporary feel to the mark. It works across all audiences, and is a great way to start unifying branding efforts with a solid, impactful logo for the Minnesota Pork Board. It works strongly across all mediums (digital, print, apparel, mobile, etc.), and we are very excited to start bringing this new look to life.

“The new logo will provide an opportunity for those not familiar with the Minnesota Pork Board to easily see what we are about in a single glance,” said Theresa Twohey, director of communications for the Minnesota Pork Board, “we are excited about the potential the new logo has to establish MPB as a resource for both farmers and consumers.”


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