This Magic Moment NPPA and DuPont Pioneer Team Up



Laura works as a driver for the Food Bank of Lincoln. She picks up donations at local retail grocers and food distribution companies, then returns to the Food Bank to unload the precious food donations. The work is physical. Laura works hard every day.

With help from volunteers, Laura sets up food distributions at High School Markets, for high school kids who need it. She is in the community – working with volunteers, visiting with people who need food. Laura does this every day.

Laura is a single mom, her son Eddie, is six. Eddie is a boy scout and Laura is the scout leader. She works hard to make sure her son Eddie is well fed and has a safe place to live. Laura always puts her son first.

The Magic Moment program, coordinated by Union Bank and Trust grants special gifts to ten individuals or families in the Lincoln community during the holiday season. Fellow Lincolnites are encouraged to submit nominations on behalf of those individuals or families who are in need of something special.

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Julie, a board member at the Food Bank of Lincoln nominated Laura to be granted a Magic Moment. In Laura’s nomination, Julie writes, “Laura’s shining moment is the ownership she has taken of the Saturday morning food distribution at the First Presbyterian Church. It is Laura who helps create this twice monthly food distribution that serves hundreds of individuals and families.”


Volunteers help unload the food – fresh fruit, cereal, and sometimes ham. Volunteers happily hand the food to the people who have waited in line to receive it. Laura beams with pride as she represents the generosity of the donors who she gathered the food from, and as she represents the volunteers who she works with to distribute the food. As Laura waits, she also represents those who receive the food, because she, and her family too, also qualify.


Laura represents theFood Bank in the most perfect way, and unselfishly helps others who need it.

Union Bank and Trust’s Magic Moment program provided Laura and Eddie a special trip to the Lincoln Children’s Zoo where Santa helped present very special gifts. Eddie received a new bike, rollerblades, pogo stick, telescope, remote control car, disco light karaoke and a Nintendo 3DS XL bundle. Laura asked for items that will help her do her job – she received steel toe boots, coveralls, work gloves, socks, and gift certificates for massages.

Always thinking of others, Laura asked for hams to be donated for the December 21st Saturday morning food distribution at the First Presbyterian Church. The Nebraska Pork Producers Association and DuPont Pioneer were able to provide a little extra magic for Laura and others during the holiday season, each donating $500 to have Laura’s wish fulfilled.

“DuPont Pioneer has created a culture of giving back to the communities where we do business through our Community Giving Program. Laura embodies that passion for giving back. It was our honor to help make her wish come true,” said Communications Manager for DuPont Pioneer, Mat Habrock.

Larry Sitzman, Executive Director of the Nebraska Pork Producers Association, said, “Nebraska’s pig farmers’ hearts are filled with love by knowing so many people enjoyed a delicious ham meal for the holidays.”

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