Learn from Each Other to Maximize Safety by Joe Wolfe, Live Pork Transportation Manager for JBS Pork


Truck rollovers and accidents, while rare, can have a significant impact. Transportation is the most visible step in raising pigs because we are traveling the same lanes and are in the presence of our consumers. If not handled appropriately and professionally, accidents can negatively impact the farms and animals involved, as well as public perception of our industry.

At JBS, we began our rescue-response program in 2006, and use TQA® as a key training component to help prevent transportation issues. We have trained employee responders and have established a network of rescue kits to provide necessary supplies in the event of an accident.

In my experience, every accident has unique challenges. The key is to stay calm and have a lead responder manage those challenges. We conduct post-accident reviews after each emergency response. We look at what went well and identify areas that can be improved.

For those that don’t have an emergency response plan, I highly recommend developing one. Reach out to producers with established plans or to individuals who offer rescue training/coaching. Rely on their experience and coaching to get a good head start in establishing a strong program for your farm.

Even if you have a plan in place, there’s value in connecting with industry peers to learn how they handle these incidences. The more we can all learn from each other, the better prepared we’ll all be. We are all in this together, and protecting our animals and our industry is a shared mindset.


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