Kent Nutrition Group Launches NutriVantage Nutrition Optimizer For Swine


Source: Kent Nutrition Group news release

Kent Nutrition Group (KNG) is proud to offer a new line of supplements for pigs – NutriVantage Nutrition Optimizer – a research-driven, unique blend of natural ingredients, vitamins and minerals that impact performance at every stage.

For more than a decade, the species-specific formulas have been developed and field tested at the Kent Product Development Center near Muscatine, Ia. These trials have shown that “health challenged” pigs have improved survivability – at least 25 percent – and increased net return by $0.25 per nursery pig.

“A strong immune system is critical to maintaining animal health during times of stress,” said Dr. Michael Edmonds, Ph.D., vice president and swine nutritionist, Kent Nutrition Group. “Our research has found that incorporating our NutriVantage for swine into diets or via water, can result in a more stable blood glucose level during times of stress. Ultimately, we have seen significant results in our replicated research trials in every phase of swine production.”

KNG trials and field studies have shown significant results in reducing mortality rates, stimulating a positive immune response and promoting a healthy gut environment, which ultimately means more return on investment for pork producers.

“Kent Nutrition Group is excited to offer the pork industry our exclusive feed supplement, NutriVantage for swine,” said Cody Vantiger, KNG’s swine product manager. “The research that our Ph.D. nutritionist has conducted has shown positive results for every stage of swine production – from nursery pigs to lactating sows. This swine supplement can help optimize overall performance and ultimately, impact the producer’s bottom line. ”

NutriVantage for swine formulas are made with exclusive nutritional components, including organic macromolecules, trace minerals, antioxidants and chelating agents that provide optimal nutritional supplementation to a pig’s digestive tract. NutriVantage for swine is available in a feed supplement or a water-soluble supplement as NutriVantage Hydra or NutriVantage HydraElectro and in select products featuring the NutriVantage logo.


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