Swine Jobs




  1. Brad stevermer

    507-525-1292 please call me

  2. derrick aldridge

    I am looking for a full time position  I have work with swine for 16 years and have experience  in a breeding  and gestation  facilities  we ran 3500 sows and went to msu for swine management  located in michigan thank u

  3. refugio valenzuela

    Hello my name is Refugio Valenzuela and I´m looking for job, I´m actually in Mexico and I need a farm who can help to get a work permit, H2A VISA is for agricultural workers

    I speak english well, I have 10 years of experience working with pigs breeding and farrowing, I was working to loch farms in Harris, Iowa and son D farms in Adrian, Mn, USA if you´re interested please send a e-mail and I will contact to you as soon as possible

    I hope you can help because we don’t have opportunities in Mexico to work with pigs

    Thank you!!

    Sincerely: Refugio Valenzuela

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