Iowa Farm Bureau Scholarship Winners Represent Ag’s Future Leaders



Farm Bureau awards $175,000 to current and future college students

Iowa students are preparing themselves to become the future leaders of agriculture and are interested in a variety of areas ranging from genetics and agriculture business to education and nursing. The Iowa Farm Bureau Federation (IFBF) has awarded $1,000 scholarships for tuition to 175 students who plan to study agriculture at their chosen colleges and universities.

In addition, Kelsi Sieren of Keokuk County was named the recipient of the Daniel Johnson Memorial Scholarship, a one-time $500 award for a student from one of eleven counties in southeast Iowa: Keokuk, Washington, Louisa, Muscatine, Wapello, Jefferson, Henry, Des Moines, Davis, Van Buren and Lee.  The scholarship is awarded in honor of the late Daniel Johnson, a former Iowa Farm Bureau director, farmer, volunteer firefighter and school board president.

Jennifer Klodt of Wapello County was named the recipient of the Edward W. and Isabell M. Klodt Memorial Scholarship, a one-time $500 award for a Wapello County student pursuing a degree in agriculture.  The Klodts were community leaders, progressive farmers, and conservationists focused on the future and improving their farm and community.  The memorial scholarship embodies the values that Ed and Isabell represented: leadership, hard work, dedication to others, and a belief in higher education.

“These scholarships help students pursue their dreams and so many of those career aspirations include agriculture or support jobs in rural communities. We’re honored to help these future leaders get a start in their academic pursuits and help them with their educational goals,” said IFBF Community Resources Director Barb Lykins.

First-time Farm Bureau scholarship recipients include 54 graduating high school seniors or students currently enrolled in their chosen college or university.  Students are eligible to renew the scholarships for up to four years by maintaining a minimum grade point average of 2.5 and by being a student in good standing with the college or university.

Six recipients were selected from each of the nine IFBF districts.  Scholarships were awarded to children of Farm Bureau members who plan to or currently attend an accredited college, university or community college to earn two-or four-year degrees.

First-time applicants were asked to write an essay indicating the contributions they expect to make to agriculture and the rural community.  They also were selected based on their academic achievement, financial need, community and extracurricular involvement and letters of recommendation.

First-time scholarship winners (listed alphabetically by hometown), parent names and future or current college are listed below.

Adel, Rachel Hoy, Randy and Marilyn Hoy, Black Hawk College
Afton, Sydney Weis, Mark Weis, Iowa State University
Albert City, Bradley Aronson, Larry and Connie Aronson, Iowa State University
Alta, Jayden Van Berkum, Kevin and Sherie Van Berkum, Iowa State University
Aplington, Jodie Johnson, Jason and Mavis Johnson, Iowa State University
Atkins, Garrett Carlson, Sharon Rigel, Kirkwood Community College
Bode, Brittany Kirsch, Dennis and Jennifer Kirsch, Iowa State University
Boone, Paige Myers, Linda Kelly, Iowa State University
Casey, Logan Dinkla, Dallas and Romonia Dinkla, Iowa State University
Central City, Andrew McEvoy, Joe and Maureen McEvoy, Iowa State University
Charles City, Myla Meyer, Terry and Becky Meyer, Iowa State University
Colo, Emily Miller, Todd and Eileen Miller, Iowa State University
Corning, Sydney Maynes, Arnold and Melissa Maynes, Northwest Missouri State University
Corydon, Kenton Lain, Terry and Jean Lain, Iowa State University
Diagonal, Hagan Willis, Craig and Brenda Willis, Iowa State University
Early, Renae Drey, Dean and Deb Drey, University of Northern Iowa
Elgin, Geordan Hanson, Enoch and Gina Hanson, Iowa State University
Elkader, Samuel Hilgerson, Scott and Suzy Hilgerson, Iowa State University
Ellsworth, Ryan Fisher, John and Lynette Fisher, Iowa State University
Fairfax, Collin Vondracek, Kevin and Joan Vondracek, Iowa State University
Glenwood, Meghan Gray, Robert and Colleen Gray, Iowa Western Community College
Granville, Austin Rohrs, Kim and Max Rohrs, Northwestern College
Iowa City, Michael Clapp, Tracy and the late Brian Clapp, Augustana College
Knoxville, Jacob Beyer, Daryl and Nancy Beyer, Dordt College
Larrabee, Zane Young, Nate and Diane Young, South Dakota State University
Leon, Austin DeLong, Robert and Cassandra DeLong, Iowa Lakes Community College
Lockridge, Ashley Loving, Jeremy and Jodie Loving, Iowa State University
Manning, Jacob Tank, Steve and Lisa Tank, Iowa State University
Marion, Josh Kettelkamp, Robert and Cindy Kettelkamp, Kirkwood Community College
Marshalltown, Logan Burt, Darrel and Tammy Burt, Iowa State University
McIntire, Ben Weis, Rob and Marlene Weis, Black Hawk College
New Hampton, Marc Throndson, Rick and Donna Throndson, Iowa State University
New Vienna, Raegan Hoefler, Keith and Brenda Hoefler, Iowa State University
Orange City, Edan Lambert, Paul and Jennifer Lambert, Iowa State University
Osceola, Colin Morris, Gary and Karen Morris, Iowa State University
Osceola, Jenna Sandquist, Steve and Stephanie Sandquist, Iowa State University
Ottumwa, Jennifer Klodt, Richard and Nancy Klodt, Iowa State University
Pella, Justin Boot, Darrell and Bonnie Boot, Iowa State University
Portsmouth, Weston Peters, Ernest and Lori Peters, Iowa State University
Readlyn, Garett Hagenow, Randy and Brenda Hagenow, Iowa State University
Richland, Eric Adam, Andy and Patty Adam, Iowa State University
Rock Rapids, Jessica Harberts, Ordel and Melissa Harberts, Iowa State University
Rockwell City, Abigail Collison, Tim and Lori Collison, Iowa State University
Schaller, Heather Hansen, Darwyn and Sharri Hansen, University of South Dakota
Stacyville, Olivia Bisbee, Jerry and Pat Bisbee, North Iowa Area Community College
Vail, Kyle Liechti, Roger and Beth Liechti, Oklahoma State University
Villisca, BreeAnn Fisher, Jerry and Carolyn Fisher, Iowa State University
Wadena, Dawn Thompson, Brian and Barbara Thompson, Iowa State University
Walcott, Ashlyn Kessler, Jim and Ann Kessler, Iowa State University
Wellsburg, Jared Haupt, Lance and Diane Haupt, Iowa State University
Wever, Zach Bobb, Joel and Kjrsten Bobb, Iowa State University
Whittemore, Megann Schmidt, Fred and Cindy Schmidt, University of Northern Iowa
Winfield, Erica Robison, Chris and Sharon Robison, Iowa State University
Wyoming, Gabriella Martens, Eric and Deanna Martens, Iowa State University


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