Illinois Pork Donates Over 5,000 Pounds of Pork to Central Illinois Foodbank


10th Anniversary of Pork Power: Partnering to Fight Hunger in Illinois


WHAT:            As part of the Pork Power: Partnering to Fight Hunger in Illinois campaign, pig farmers of Illinois will be presenting the Central Illinois Foodbank with over 5,000 pounds of ground pork. The donation will be made available for 7 agencies in 3 counties.


In 2008, IPPA launched Pork Power with the goal of helping fight hunger in Illinois. It provides a system for farmers to donate pork to food banks throughout Illinois.


Since its inception 10 years ago, Pork Power has generated over 625,000 pounds of pork – enough for nearly 2.4 million meals – for families throughout Illinois.


WHEN:            Tuesday, May 22, 2018 at 10:00 a.m.


WHY:               Each day, food banks provide access to healthy and nutritious food to keep families across Illinois from going to bed hungry. The USDA recommends meat protein as part of a well-balanced and nutritious diet, yet it is often difficult for food banks to maintain an adequate supply. The Pork Power partners are committed to making meat protein available to those most in need. This donation will provide over 22,000 meals to people in central and southern Illinois.


WHERE:           Central Illinois Foodbank

1937 East Cook

Springfield, IL


Interview & Photo Opportunities

Over 5,000 pounds of ground pork will be presented to Central Illinois Foodbank.


Representatives from Borgic Farms, Illinois Pork Producers Association and the Foodbank will be available for photos and interviews.


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