Hypor’s New Facility opens the doors to the future


Successful companies don’t react to change; they drive it. With that in mind, Hypor recently opened the doors on a new state-of-the-art facility in Sichamps, France. In the process, they offered a window to the future of pork production and demonstrated that for Hypor and its clients, the future is now. The renovation to modernize and expand this 400-sow unit was an expensive one, but the return on investment is significant.

Bigger and better
It starts with increasing the places to 1,990. As the market seeks bigger boars, Hypor’s genetics have
responded by selecting for larger animals. The challenge was to design a barn which is future-proof, in
order to be able to test at even higher end weights, and with that the increase at Sichamps is perfectly

Increasing precision and lowering costs
But that’s just the beginning. Hypor has also installed 72 PPT feeding stations, another enhancement
that’s all about being on the cutting edge of progress. As the feed conversion of Hypor’s animals
continues to improve and animals produce more with less, this allows more precise measuring of feed
consumption. All other pens are equipped with precise multi ratio group feed registration in order to
also measure the gilt’s group feed conversion. For Hypor, it will enable the collection of more accurate
(individual) feed intake and daily weighing records. For you, it means that lines like the Hypor Maxter
and Hypor Magnus raise their feed efficiency and lower your feed costs. And for your business, that
means everything.

Raising the bar
Another notable feature of Sichamps is the BioPigLift technology used for boar testing. This is a crate
with a lift apron to immobilize the pig for weighing and ultrasound scanning to determine backfat
depth, loin muscle and intramuscular fat (IMF) and this is automatically processed into the database. It
is yet another example of Hypor embracing the future and their clients reaping the rewards.

Even the ventilation system is designed to maximize results. It’s prepared for both air washing and air
filtration, and the incoming air can be cooled or heated to maintain a constant climate throughout the
year, which is ideal for breeding.

Healthy pigs, healthy profits
Along with the renovation, Hypor is implementing protocols like upgrading the health status of the
farm with a special repopulation program. By focusing solely on SPF (Specific Pathogen-Free) pigs,
Sichamps will achieve the highest health status available in the market. By helping industry respond to
changing consumer demands, Hypor can ensure healthy profits for producers.

TSP is top of mind
Like everything Hypor does, this upgrade supports their focus on Total System Profitability. Apart from
aiding producers with technology that enhances feed conversion, Sichamps is good news for
processors and distributors as it boosts meat quantity and quality. Finally, the new features benefit
the planet by reducing cost of production, energy use and the industry’s carbon footprint.

Maximizing progress
For Julien Briant, Hypor General Manager France, the facility’s impact on the Hypor Maxter and Hypor
Magnus is compelling. “The way the Maxter has progressed from 2013 to 2017 is incredible, with a
huge improvement in feed conversion and a huge boost in muscle depth, resulting in a net backfat
reduction. If we can have the Hypor Maxter at a consistent low feed conversion it will be the perfect
Pietrain boar, and this facility is a big part of making that a reality.”

While the Hypor Magnus is already a leading market boar in North America, the investment in
Sichamps will help raise the profile of the Hypor Magnus in Europe and respond to the growing Duroc
demand. As important as this facility is for making progress, it’s also making a statement. “The
tremendous investment we’ve made here tells our customers that we trust in our products and the
future of our animals. In pig breeding, the more you invest, the greater your genetic progress; it’s a
simple equation.”

And as equations go, there’s one that really adds up for producers: Hypor products + the latest
technology = A bright future.


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